“Wouldn’t it be a novel idea if the governor were to propose a spending cut instead of raising taxes?”

Frank Priolo

‘Murphy proposea fees for companies whose workers rely on Medicaid’

“They should. We need our elected officials to address and face the concerns of the residents.”

Ashley Weisman

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‘Could Atlantic City go back to holding two City Council meetings a month?’

“Great debate. It looked like a bunch of incorrigible 5 year olds fighting and interrupting each other.”

Kirk Michael

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‘10 takeaways from the S.C. debate: Bernie bruised but not broken’

“You may lose at the slot machine but you’ll always win suing city hall.”

Peter Haberstroh

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‘The Camden man whose beating

by police was caught on video is suing’

“When they are incompetent and don’t know what to do, they just raise taxes.”

Peadar Ceallaigh

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Watch: ‘Gov. Murphy’s budget address’

“Pleasantville School Board is a disaster and disgrace. Absecon should be allowed to leave.”

Danene Albertson

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‘Judge to hear Absecon schools request to leave Pleasantville, attorney says’

“Relax. He has been in your corner for years.”

Michael Costa

Letter: ‘Democrats should try

to flip Romney’

“Used illegal methods to expose the truth about bigger criminals.”

Jerry Brown

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‘Hero or criminal? Court hearing on extradition of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange’

“The good old days when we had good entertainment.”

Judy Callahan

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Gallery: ‘Look back at the 500 Club in A.C.’

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