“In one paragraph, there is $1.1 billion in savings. The next paragraph, the budget is increasing by $1 billion.”

Carl Pitale

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‘Murphy again calls for millionaire’s tax, finds $1.1 billion in savings’

“Our favorite ‘heel’ and recently sighted at Boardwalk Beatdown at the Claridge last year.”

Mark Hills

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‘Atlantic City native who wrestled

Hulk Hogan dead at 61’

“The Yankees have not signed any big names in the last three or four years. They are waiting for Mike Trout, when he becomes available.”

Joseph Vearling

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‘Harper and Trout together with Phillies? It’s not some crazy dream.’

“More taxation by those who haven’t a clue as to what risk is to be taken to establish a business, develop it, grow it, provide jobs and benefits for employees.”

Angele M. Statuti

‘Do you support Gov. Murphy’s plan

to raise taxes on millionaires?’

“The life story of Atlantic City.”

Robert Allan Tigro Jr.

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‘Atlantic City’s economic outlook

clouds improved financial picture’

“There is absolutely no reason why this train can’t be made available for this important event.”

Kelly Carruolo

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‘Conventions feeling impact

of A.C. line’s continued shutdown’

“Women do not need to be defined primarily in relation to which man owns them, father or husband.”

Kathi Grace

‘Lawsuit against Miss America Organization dismissed’

“I’m tired of having our town held hostage by rich business owners holding onto closed properties.”

Dantonio Aponte

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‘Atlantic Club owner cancels sale of closed casino’

“My hearts breaks for those tiny babies exposed to those who refuse to get vaccinated and lost their lives.”

Gloria Dean Kelley

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‘Teen who got vaccinated against parents’ wishes will testify before Congress’

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