“If a child is capable of doing grade level work at the elementary level, I do not support retaining due to attendance only.”

Karen Hensel Yacovelli

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‘How one Atlantic City school

is curbing chronic absenteeism’

“These days, with the opioid addiction crisis, even leaving a door unlocked when you’re home is dangerous.”

Winnie Jensen

‘After Sunday night break-in,

EHT police seek burglary suspect’

“In northern N.J. at 900 feet, I’m still covered with 7 inches of snow.”

Jim Relyea

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‘South Jersey continues to bask

in early spring weather’

“If they were hurting before, this will be the final nail in the coffin.”

Tom Donnelly

‘Ocean Resort Casino employees

near unionization’

“There are too many of these rotten shells in the city. Bulldoze them down and build a green space.”

Terri Szemis

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‘Atlantic City to hear public comment on 11 properties facing possible demolition’

“By the time you finish your study, there will be another million illegal immigrants in the country.”

Charles Goller

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‘Van Drew calls for caution on Trump’s latest border wall request’

“I’ve never known anyone who does so much good for the children and the entire community as a whole.”

Constance Starr

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‘“Mr. Wildwood” wins inaugural

Press Giving Back Award’

“With the sights and sounds of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the throng of locals and visitors hitting the Loop, it was eye popping.”

Mike Lopez

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‘Orange Loop‘s Rhythm & Spirits under construction, set to open this summer’

“We have elections and people have to choose to run and have the policies that people support in order for people to vote for them.”

Robert Rosetta

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‘U.S. ranked 78 out of 193 countries on gender equality in legislatures’

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