“Not one of the six plans mentioned says anything about reopening. Where is the reopening plan?”

Jan Brittain

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‘Where does New Jersey stand

with its reopening plan?’

“How many patients are at the A.C. field hospital? There hasn’t been anything reported since it opened on April 21.”

Tim Lawler

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“If we work together socially we can survive this and bring back the beauty of the environment too.”

Kimberly Bolen

‘Shore, Cape Regional hoping

for federal funding help after meeting’

“The chief needs to reread the U.S. Constitution.’

Michael Ranfone

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‘NJ state police chief says wave parades OK as long as no one gathers’

“The city is in such great shape. Why would anyone want change?”

Andrew Elorriaga

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Gallery: ‘A.C. community rally caravan opposes change of government’

“Whose brainstorm is this!? What kid would agree to one more year of school?”

Janet Schubert

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‘Bridge year bill would give juniors

and sophomores optional extra year’

“We watched Biden the other morning on a news show. The Democrats will not win with this man.”

Teddy Tune

Column by Henry Olsen: ‘The jobs report reveals the true American carnage’

“I miss being able to visit my parents in 08087.”

Janet McLaughlin

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‘What do you miss in South Jersey amid the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown?’

“We watched them from seven bridges road in Tuckerton. Almost right over us.”

Fred Morgenweck

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‘177th Fighter Wing conducts flyover

to honor COVID-19 frontline workers’

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