“I can still taste Kornblau’s wonderful corned beef sandwiches and homemade pickles.”

Donna Bergh

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‘Look back at old

Atlantic City restaurants’

“This has been tried numerous times over the years in Atlantic City. I was hired in A.C. under a similar Safe Streets grant in ’85. I think it lasted one year.”

Bill Pollock

‘Officers hit the streets in Atlantic City

for new community policing program’

“So basically they were two drunk idiots and thought this would be funny or something.”

Kenneth J. Barber

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‘Man charged with urinating

on memorial fired from family business’


Janet Williams

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‘Best hot dog in America? Taste-testers tried 15 popular brands to find out.’

“Still recall his fascinating gallery on the Boardwalk, especially remember the glass fishbowls that were actually in the shape of fish.”

Arlene Steinberg

‘Atlantic City-born adventurer

Reese Palley dies’

“So of course when they get wiped out in a storm, they’ll have their hands out.”

Mori Moore

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‘Van Drew seeks help to let Stone Harbor use Hereford Inlet sand for beaches’

“I love that car.”

Julie Carle

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‘This once-mocked ‘90s wagon

is now a hot item’

“Can’t wait to see them. Great idea Atlantic City.”

Donna Harvat

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‘Photos: Artists create murals

throughout Atlantic City’

“Been around for 60 years and still selling the same style garments.”

Sutra Jackson

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‘Women’s clothing chain Dressbarn

to close all its 650 stores’

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