“Good law. For curb level entrances it is costly to have the salt water coming under door.”

Deb Christman

via Facebook

‘In this shore town, drivers creating big waves on flooded roads could go to jail’

“Grewal said, ‘Growing up in an Asian-American family, if I went to mom and dad and said I want to be a cop, it probably would not be received too well.’ That speaks volumes about the indoctrination that created his mindset.”

Steve Cupani

‘Attorney General addresses

NAACP concerns on policing’

“I think running Steve Wynn out of the town was a major financial blunder.”

David Coombs

via Facebook

‘What are Atlantic City’s

greatest mistakes?’

“$3.9 billion would only protect a small portion of the Jersey coast, and raising 21,000 houses with that money would not have an environmental impact.”

Andrew Schaeffer

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‘Great Egg Inlet floodgates would hurt environment, National Park Service says’

“Thank God it’s over. Let’s move on and get some work done.”

Dominic Branca

via Facebook

‘Trump executive privilege blocks

release of unredacted Mueller report’

“Just what I need. If the taxes go up, I may not be able to keep my house.”

Dorothy Ireland-kolb

via Facebook

‘Pleasantville school budget will

raise taxes, eliminate 11 positions’

“Jim Crow was created by the Democrats.”

Eric Kleyboldt

‘Biden says Trump, Republicans

allowing Jim Crow to return’

“I have heard that Europe has much better, safer sunscreens.”

Anna Coleman

via Facebook

‘Sunscreen enters bloodstream

after just one day of use, study says’

“Sheldon Adelson is worth many, many billions. I’m sure he’s really concerned with the N.J. attorney general.”

Mike Krawitz

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‘NJ attorney general sues DOJ over casino owner’s link to Wire Act opinion’

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