“This is absolutely amazing and beautiful! These kids need this love and couldn’t be more proud of the Eagles for stepping up and showing such positive support.”

Marcilena Link

via Facebook

‘Pleasantville, Camden game to be finished at Lincoln Financial Field’

“Seems like after almost every game Pederson says something like, ‘This is a much better team than this.’”

Karl Frank

‘Patriots rally to beat Eagles 17-10’

“Take notes from what the Netherlands is doing to hold back the sea and apply those methods.”

Paul Rubin

via Facebook

‘How climate change

is affecting Atlantic City’

“Van Drew is a coward, a man of no principles.”

Robert Rosiello

“Because he doesn’t fall in lockstep with every other mindless Democrat and instead formulates his own opinion, people chastise him for it.”

Art Axelson

via Facebook

‘Van Drew still a no on impeachment, without “something new and amazing”’

“Lowest men on the totem pole will go to trial in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide’.”

Kate Grace

‘Jeffrey Epstein jail guards charged

with falsifying records of night he died’

“Also, ‘certain persons not permitted to possess a handgun’ means they are all convicted felons.”

Kelly Clifford

via Facebook

‘A.C. man used Facetime to tip off alleged shooter at Pleasantville football game’

“Don’t they have the right to donate to who they want?”

Chris Charles

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‘Chick-fil-A drops donations

that angered LGBTQ groups’

“Look where being greedy got them. They had great careers and lost so much.”

Antoinette Silvestro

via Facebook

‘Who’s been charged in prescription fraud case?’

“How about no more plastic. … It all ends up in landfills or the ocean eventually.”

Annie Tinsley

via Facebook

‘Revolutionary recycling? A new technology turns everyday trash into plastic treasure’

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