“So exciting! Thought I was gonna have a stroke.”

Frieda Koernig

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‘Truex Jr. wins NASCAR Cup

Series Championship’

“Prosecute all the abusers! Time for everyone to recognize this behavior is unacceptable.”

Ellen Weisman Strenger

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‘Neurologist faces sex allegations

in N.J., N.Y. and Pa.’

“It looks suspicious. It looks like more than uranium was getting enriched.”

Tim O’Rourke

‘Clinton corruption hurt US

in Uranium One deal, says Jay Ambrose’

“It won’t mean a thing if they don’t get the ring.”

Michael Roque

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‘Wentz, Eagles roll over Cowboys

after losing kicker’

“Wait until he finds out, as every other incoming governor, that the situation is worse than he was told.”

Roger Stryeski

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‘Phil Murphy lays out aggressive agenda in Atlantic City speech’

“There’s no comparison to spending your time at a resort with an ocean, beach, boardwalk, restaurants, shops, concert halls, night clubs, etc., to sitting on a stool at a Pennsylvania truck stop or a New York horse track.”

Matthew Talty

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‘Pennsylvania gaming expansion

should not impact Atlantic City casinos’

“So sad, was really looking forward to the show.”

Wilbert and Melinda Pfannerer

‘Mariah Carey cancels

Borgata holiday show’

“How did he pass the background check?”

Christopher Hill

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‘Teen murder suspect who escaped Harborfields captured with a handgun’

“There will be nobody left on TV, in movies and government.”

Rosemary Fondots

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‘CBS suspends Charlie Rose, PBS halts his show following allegations’

“Less casinos and more things to do would be nice.”

Brina Greis

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‘New York-based group eyes Atlantic City project’