“What I think is missed in all this is that non-gaming revenue is up 3.5%, which now accounts for over 47% of their income.”

Douglas Pickell

via Facebook

‘Atlantic City casino industry reports double-digit profit increase in quarter’

“The state is broke, with massive debt, and this guy wants to run a bank.”

Michael Costa

‘Our view: Risks may outweigh

potential good of Murphy’s public bank’

“I’m sick of hearing ‘Atlantic City needs more work’ speeches.”

Myeisha Bell

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‘Atlantic City unlikely to see tax, fees return to city any time soon’

“My family and I visit the East Point Lighthouse a lot. We have met people there from all over New Jersey, other states and Canada.”

Jonathan Marion

‘Our view: Consider moving East Point Lighthouse inland to protect it’

“Many years ago, when I was doing crafts, A.C. Moore was my mother ship.”

Amalia Vincenza Borgioni

via Facebook

‘A.C. Moore store in EHT will be closing’

“Thank you to law enforcement for solving this case quickly and without incident. Thank you to ACIT for keeping our kids safe.”

Cheryl Santore

via Facebook

‘Galloway Township man arrested

on charges of threatening ACIT’

“Our taxes in Egg Harbor Township are through the roof already.”

Mario Suarez

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‘Egg Harbor Township school district takes step toward full-day kindergarten’

“The creatures we go to, to improve our lives, to give us the emotional support we need, also carry the seeds to end our lives.”

Robert Post

‘Healthy man licked by his dog

dies within weeks’

“She was funny. Kept hugging him with the table legs.”

Jacqueline Lyons-Sylne

via Facebook

‘82-year-old bodybuilder “did a number” on intoxicated man who broke into her house’

“Hopefully it’s their long term plan to first bring in concessions then it might boost revenue and then in return bring in another airline.”

Rick Collinson

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‘New concessions coming to Atlantic City International Airport’

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