“Miss America will not be the same and will lose many, many viewers.”

Ronald Paget

‘Miss America changes

competition format once again’

“I’ve had milk in my fridge longer than she was in jail.”

Micky McDonald

via Facebook

‘Felicity Huffman released 11 days

into 14-day prison term’

“Will reveal a marvelous Bader Field idea soon, which will generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, without raising taxes, and does not involve any casino.”

James Whitehead

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‘Development of Bader Field could have ‘multi-generational’ impact on A.C.

“Very proud of the many Brigantine students who wrote, and showed up, to express their wishes to see it stay.”

Andria Palmer

via Facebook

‘Brigantine to repair skate park

after residents’ outcry to save it’

“Meghan, you should make this!”

Melissa Smith-Quinlan

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‘It’s almost Halloween, and “feetloaf”

is already giving us nightmares’

“The original intent of the concessionaire’s permit was for state operated museums and opera houses and large sport stadiums to offer alcohol to their captured audience.”

Paul Johnston

‘Cape plans draw anger from those who hold liquor licenses in Middle Township’

“All I’m getting is a parade of planes one after another circling my house. Hope I can sleep tonight.”

Diana Rodriguez Morales

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‘Hear that explosion? It’s a fighter wing training exercise’

“This is a societal problem. Part of it is today no one talks to each other.”

Paolina Samuel

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‘“No school is suicide-proof”: Report on schools’ role in student mental health’

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