“Mail in and messenger voting should be banned in Atlantic City. Way too many dishonest people are being trusted.”

Stanley Smith

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‘Formica wins tight race for freeholder, will run for Assembly next year’

“Maybe the whole election should be looked into.”

Eddy Nelson Jr.

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‘Pleasantville poll worker drank beer, returned votes 2 hours late’

“Total waste of money. How many meals could that money get for the homeless?”

Cooper Jones

‘Christie portrait, most expensive

in state history, unveiled’

“Can’t wait to see how she changes the world.”

Joann Scannell

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‘Linwood’s Maggie Dods

a Rhodes Scholar’

“Poor man and his family. And we worry about telling the public this kid’s name because he’s a juvenile.”

Mary D’amico

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‘Egg Harbor City teen arrested

in murder of Ventnor man’

“Just a nasty gross old man.”

John Pitts

‘Romantic revenge? Former Revel casino owner dates women, then sues them’

“I wish we had this when I was at school.”

Theresa O’Toole Bean

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‘Stockton opens student

food pantry in Atlantic City’

“They won me over with this. Let’s go, Linda.”

Christina Sees

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‘Cereal Town opens

at Ocean Resort Casino’

“Good luck getting a ticket for this show. He sells out 60,000 seat stadiums.”

Dean Lioumis

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‘Country superstar Kenny Chesney announces A.C. concert’

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