“If you meet strange men for sexual encounters, you might end up dead.”

John Rius

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‘“You’re not a serial killer, right?” she texted. Prosecutors say he was’

“Many women and some men prefer the 2.0 version of Ms. America ... total woman — not just as much skin as you can get away with.”

Kate Grace

‘Our view: Miss America’s quest

to devalue feminine beauty sure to fail’

“People need to feel safe to visit and shop in the city. I see this as a positive step in the right direction.”

Patrick Mullin

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‘Mayor, Atlantic City police launch “zero tolerance” policy on Atlantic Avenue’

“I’ve targeted stripers since the late ’80s and there has never been another year like 1998.”

Craig Nordberg

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‘Striped bass fishers in New Jersey

eyeing new regulations with caution’

“We all fall on hard times.”

Bill Spencer

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‘Atlantic County prosecutor defaulted

on $25K loan, Delaware bank says’

“Why doesn’t the county just purchase a liquor license from Middle Township at fair market value at auction like everyone else?”

Paul Johnston

‘Our view: Middle theater, Stockton A.C. liquor permits good for public and legal’

“I think Van Drew handed him the win with the vote he took not to impeach. He disappointed a lot of Democrats.”

Mark Mungiole

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‘State Senator-elect Testa takes on pollsters, Democratic policies’

“Just cause you’re old don’t make you wise. Idiots come in all ages.”

Dave Bauer Jr.

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‘Del. senior charged with heroin possession after 4-car crash on pike’

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