“You got it so wrong. The right to an environment where human life can thrive is so fundamental that all other basic human rights are meaningless unless this one is secured.”

New Jersey Highlands Coalition

‘Our view: Ill-defined environmental rights would be NJ litigation nightmare’

“Though I am by no means a Democrat, in this case it appears the best man for the tasks at hand has been selected.”

Alva Karl

‘Van Drew declares victory in 2nd District congressional race’

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.”

Dan Carew

‘Egg Harbor City Democrat candidate’s posts called racist, transphobic’

“He should leave the Angels and at least go to a team that has a chance to win the (World Series). ... Isn’t that the ultimate goal for any player?”

Art Hudnall

via Facebook

‘Mike Trout not likely to leave Angels, not even for Phillies’

“These first-time voters were articulate and so happy they are voting. Their peers should use them as models to vote in the next election.”

Susan Luongo

via Facebook

‘South Jersey first-time voters on why they’re headed to the polls’

“A better question might be, is this the kind of nation we want to live in where an armed guard is required anywhere more than a handful of people might congregate? I’d also suggest that the armed guard would be the first one shot and would prevent nothing.”

Steve Mestayer

via Facebook

‘How houses of worship seek to protect their congregations as they mourn’

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