“When you already have children, and need to work two or more jobs to support them, it is still a difficult choice.”

Concetta Maria

via Facebook

‘Weeks of anti-abortion vigils

outside Galloway clinic to end ‘

“My sister and I were named after Emilie and Marie.”

Emilie Rosso Burns

via Facebook

‘The Dionne quintuplets: The exploitation of five girls raised in a “baby zoo”’

“Stop selling an unlimited number of permits. Keep it like it was back in the day, only a few hundred issued.”

Augie Peltonen

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‘Brigantine to vote on stricter enforcement at the Cove’

“All political merchandise is not allowed, not one side or the other specifically.”

Jeff Taccarino

via Facebook

“This was a concerted effort by groups who oppose President Trump to stifle his presidency because memorabilia of the Democratic candidates doesn’t sell, while that of the president does sell.”

Victor Staniec

‘Middle moves to keep Confederate flags, Trump merchandise out of Harvest Fest’

“The student debt crisis has had a larger impact on African Americans, because it compounds other problems.”

Keenan Osborne

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‘For many black millennials, student debt is biggest hurdle in homeownership’

“Atlantic City must be so proud they voted out Mayor Guardian, who truly loved and worked for the betterment of the city.”

Robert Rosetta

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‘Our view: NJ’s strong forfeiture law ensures Gilliam correctly penalized’

“Did somebody say ‘primary challenge?’”

Elaine Rose

‘All eyes on Van Drew

and his “no” vote on impeachment’

“I lived in Atlantic County for 30 years and always voted, most often by absentee ballot, because I am disabled since birth with cerebral palsy.”

Karen L. MacLeod

via Facebook

‘How mail-in ballots are expected to affect this year’s elections’

“A direct result of the drug epidemic.”

Patricia Schwarz Kreci

via Facebook

‘“A sad and isolating experience”: Inequity, lack of resources for women in South Jersey jails’

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