“I never heard them claim it was vegan. Toss the suit.”

David Mandel

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‘Vegan sues Burger King, claiming beef fat contaminates meatless Whopper’

“Not the school’s business. They are not the child’s parent.”

Betty Jane Guerra Stackhouse

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‘EHT school board debuts amended transgender student policy’

“We got BB guns and penknives and they never made any lists.”

Mark Mungiole

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‘Watchdog says Nerf gun, Power Rangers claw among worst toys for holidays’

“I don’t care for the restructuring ... split too many natural rivalries.”

Joe Messore

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‘Egg Harbor Township and Mainland Thanksgiving football game will be last’

“I am very glad it is being decided by a vote and not one politician’s platform. Don’t think it will happen in New Jersey.”

Cynthia Ossiboff

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‘Recreational marijuana

referendum bill introduced’

“Bravo to these heroic young men for rescuing these imperiled swimmers.”

Angele Statuti Pettinato

‘How four teen surfers rescued

drowning swimmers from a rip current’

“Bill was the person you wanted your son to play for because he taught not only football but he helped you to understand life.”

Ed Keller

‘Obituary: William R. Walsh III’

“I think it’s an amazing thing that the Eagles did this for these kids.”

Whitney Brennan

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‘Weinberg: Pleasantville-Camden game should resume in Pleasantville’

“Angels among us ... there are some really, really good people in this world.”

Karen Hensel Yacovelli

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‘Off-duty detective, nurse among those who ran toward football-shooting chaos’

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