“According to the article, Atlantic City does get the money but indirectly, via the CRDA. State doesn’t trust A.C. government to handle it correctly.”

Donald Wong

via Facebook

‘“Unacceptable” that Atlantic City doesn’t get cut of sports betting tax, mayor says’

“This is not the first mistake by the county clerk. It’s an annual event.”

Michael Toland

‘Our view: NJ and Atlantic County officials must fix their mail-in ballots mess’

“If you’re following the Constitution, then you should allow ICE to come in and clean up illegals.”

Michael J. Schmidt

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‘Atlantic freeholders spar

over ICE resolution’

“Isn’t it usually Florida man? Looks like he has some competition now.”

Dominic Rufolo

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‘NJ man, Florida woman arrested

on gun, drug charges in Brigantine’

“This is the recognition we need.”

Emily Grace

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‘“It is possible”: Halle Berry inspires A.C. youth during filming for “Bruised”’

“What about her husband and kids? Why are they not charged? They knew what was going on.”

Mary-Jo Daly

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‘Wisconsin nurse took in a mentally disabled teen. 20 years later, she’s charged with torturing, killing her’

“Aw, this is such an inspirational story.”

Nikki Tabasso Cutaia

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‘Nurse “adopts” homeless man she just met so he can get a heart transplant’

“I’d rather watch paint dry.”

Sandy Kurtz-Gerber

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‘Watch live: Day 1 of the public impeachment hearings’

“I have a hunch that if they predict a bad winter, oil prices will go up earlier.”

Eddy Nelson Jr.

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‘Signs point to snowy winter outlook

in New Jersey, with cold shots’

“I know the biologists and the NJMFC are doing their best to get everything right and keep our fisheries productive for everyone.”

David Showell

‘Striped bass fishers in New Jersey eyeing new regulations with caution’

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