“If this were done the year the airport closed, the city would have already collected far more money in taxes than it will ever get from selling it.”

Seth Grossman

‘Development of Bader Field could have “multi-generational impact” on A.C.’

“Is this really Miss America? Sounds like they are grooming a talented politician.”

Aimee Bennis-Schultz

via Facebook

‘Miss America changes competition format once again’

“This is a decision for a competent bariatric surgeon, the kid’s parents and the kid to make together.”

Pennie Welcher Rhodes

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‘More severely obese kids should get weight loss surgery, medical group says’

“Just try and get past the environmental protection regulations.”

Dan Conway

via Facebook

‘Redevelopment plans move forward

for the Margate Causeway in EHT’

“When it all ends up in Wildwood, do they at least send a thank you card?”

Bob Smith

via Facebook

‘$37.4M beach replenishment

to touch up post-Sandy beaches’

“These are the newsworthy stories I want to read more about!”

Victor Finamore

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‘Cancer patient wins $200,000 lottery prize on way to his last treatment’

“If public employees are found guilty of fraud in the benefits scandal, they should be required to make restitution to the taxpayers for any pension money they have already withdrawn.”

Kate Grace

‘Firefighters who admitted benefits fraud withdraw pension contributions’

“A good guy who does a lot for our community.”

John Rogers

via Facebook

‘Martin Truex wins at Martinsville

to earn spot in championship race’

“Who gets the $25 million bounty on his head? Military strike involving choppers, planes and drones must have cost $25 million.”

Frank Stien

‘Islamic State leader dead after US raid in Syria’

“Was a psychic called in? There are some good ones.”

Barbara Allen

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‘Volunteers searching for missing 5-year-old Bridgeton girl getting stressed, frustrated’

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