“Politics aside, it’s crazy that they take the time to separate boys and girls during an active shooter drill.”

Kirk Michael

via Facebook

‘Group says transgender student barred from lavatory during active shooter drill’

“Don’t be afraid children, flying over the Boardwalk this Halloween wearing her vindictive witch costume is none other than the Miss America Organization’s very own dictator, Gretchen Carlson.”

Peter Haberstroh

‘Miss America Organization seeks

to remove defiant state pageant leaders’

“Diane Ruberton was a dedicated and hard working prosecutor. The truth will come out for all to see.”

Francesco Sergio

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‘Employees accuse Atlantic prosecutor

of mortgage fraud, hiding evidence’

“Please keep in mind, women are not the exclusive victims of domestic violence.”

Ed Zebedies

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‘NJ agencies want more men to work against domestic violence’

“Without adequate sewer service or septic systems, tiny homes will pollute our waterways.”

Fred Akers

‘NJ should give tiny houses a chance

to help the homeless and very poor’

“Wait until they come for President’s Day, Memorial Day and Christmas. By then it will be too late.”

Wayne Schaffel

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‘City once spent $95M to celebrate Columbus Day ... now it’s canceled’

“I would think weddings would keep them busy but it has to be beautiful and breathtaking.”

Laura LoStracco

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‘Seaview golf resort in Galloway

files plan to lay off 229’

“So just because your old and blind means you shouldn’t go to jail.”

Patrick Ireland

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‘Cosby lawyers ask court to void conviction, prison sentence’

“Not like we will see them, 10 miles out.”

David Slavico

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‘Offshore wind giant Ørsted to acquire Deepwater Wind’