“Ocean City’s park is now the destination park in the region as Brigantine’s park became dated and old.”

Craig Nordberg

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‘Skate parks a hit in some — but not all — South Jersey towns’

“A lot of bikers I know don’t bother to go anymore. There are far fewer vendors and activities.”

Eddie Hicks

‘As more outlaw bikers show up, Wildwood may cancel Roar to Shore’

“So again law-abiding citizens are being punished because of a few people who can’t follow the rules.”

Mark Johns

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‘Galloway mom petitions to continue Halloween parade in schools’

“Who was he to try and ruin tradition by not being a corrupt mayor of Atlantic City?”

Jae Diamond

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‘Frank Gilliam’s guilty plea leaves unanswered questions in Atlantic City’

“I call it Beneath Meat.”

Michael Roque

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‘Impossible vs. Beyond: Cook-at-home versions of vegan burgers tested’

“Shameful crook stealing from kids.”

Jetti Kuzma

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‘A look back at Frank Gilliam’s

political career’

“All I hear is a bunch of allegations. Let this man live and celebrate with his family.”

Shakira Nicole

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‘Marty Small greets

his hometown as mayor’

“Eagles win; Cowboys lose. Giants and Washington lose. Great Sunday for Philadelphia.”

Brian Vigue

‘Jets-Eagles 2-minute drill’

“Just unfortunate that we only have them for a short time.”

Jeannie Petrarca

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‘In praise of the Jersey tomato’

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