“Sounds like they’re getting the excuses ready to cover up the voter fraud.”

Eddy Nelson Jr.

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‘Perfect storm of mail-in ballot glitches hits Atlantic County’

“This is precisely why the Facebook group ‘Leaving New Jersey’ exists.”

Robert King

‘Our view: Gov. Murphy belittles and dismisses people concerned about taxes’

“Biased polls. It all depends on the way questions are worded, and how they preface them.”

Paul Vitt

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‘Poll finds statewide concern with climate change, differences along party lines’

“Congrats to Mainland! Barnegat H.S. won the state champs for Class 1A.”

M. Campbell D’Arienzo

“The hardworking, talented students of Oakcrest High School won a state division also. And congrats to Mainland!”

Sharon Berson

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‘Photo gallery: Mainland marching band wins state championship’

“If he really abused the woman he promised to love and cherish, imagine what he might do to citizens he swore to protect and serve.”

Heem Gallagher

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‘Suspended Atlantic City police officer charged with assault’

“Shouldn’t we be at the Jetsons four-hour work week by now?”

Michael Shoblock

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‘Study: Millennials work more hours

than prior generations, sleep more too.’

“It’s a waste of money that should go to the lower grades.”

John Komorowski

‘Stockton funds still held as governor releases additional frozen aid’

“Ronald and Clint are in here doing karaoke!”

Sylvia Smith

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‘SEEN at WitchCraft at Lake Lenape ’

“My kids went on that ride a few days ago!”

Kristina Bowles

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‘Guest hurt on ride at Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township’

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