“Who is giving this guy $1.7 million? I busted my butt to get $1,850 for the Police Unity Tour.”

Richard Trout

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‘Cory Booker says he hit his $1.7M campaign fundraising goal’

“I’ve moved over lanes before these laws were put into effect. ... What’s really annoying is driving for miles, with the orange cones and barrels closing one or two lanes, and never finding anyone working.”

Harry Mehlman

‘Editorial: Move over, slow down to save those at work along roadsides’

“Government can’t do its job, as usual — releasing an illegal immigrant/child sex offender and then claiming they’re worried about public safety.”

Dan Truman

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‘Cumberland County officials react

to release of man sought by ICE’

“This is what happens when you put political hack politicians in charge instead of experienced business people.”

Mike Krawitz

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‘Lawmakers plan investigation

of NJ Transit’s failures’

“Went out with honor. Hopefully the parents find peace with that.”

Josh Gazzerro

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‘15-year-old dies protecting little sister after burglar breaks into home’

“Slow down, skippy. You are almost the last person that should be opening your mouth. You should be in jail already.”

Michael Costa

‘At Atlantic City appearance, Menendez says Trump’s conduct is “stunning”’

“She should be arrested, charged a huge fine and never permitted in zoos again. This could have gone very badly for the lion.”

Kathleen Collins

via Facebook

‘Woman posts videos of herself

hopping a fence to approach a zoo lion’

“They should never be in the Big 10. Too tough to recruit to N.J.”

Len Imielinski

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‘Rutgers begins search for football coach who can win championships’

“Graham, looks like a fun place for the kiddles!”

Teri Mountain

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‘Photo gallery: Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary’

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