“He’s right, lots of other issues on the plate that need to be dealt with.”

Allen Carter Jr.

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“Van Drew is a true-red Republican. Why he registered and ran as a Democrat is beyond me.”

Elaine Rose

‘Trump tweets about impeachment, thanks Van Drew for his stance’

“When you can fly two people for the cost of one train ticket to the same destination and be there in 3 hours vs. 24, people won’t do it.”

Brian Drass

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‘The end of an American tradition:

The Amtrak dining car’

“So does it make me a racist if I order an American hoagie or don’t like Chinese food?”

Jack Beers

‘To David Chang, the ethnic food aisle

is racist. Others say it’s convenient.’

“Who leaves their 3- and 5-year-olds unattended and sits in their car with a child that isn’t their own?”

Barbara Eck Ellis

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‘Dulce Maria Alavez missing for 2 weeks — what we know so far’

“When the sky lit up like it was the 4th of July and I heard that boom, I knew it hit something.”

Monica Pee

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‘Lightning storm knocks out power

at Atlantic City casinos’

“Does not start till 2023 and looks like Florida could be next and its law could start as early as next year.”

Mike Delaney

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‘California to let college athletes make money, which could reshape US sports’

“Issue No. 1. Why does the organization have zero talent in minor leagues?”

Ken Dischert Jr.

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‘The 5 biggest issues Phillies

must resolve in offseason’

“This is great. Do something new and fun with it.”

Shawn Rothenberger

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‘Atlantic Club sold to New York firm’

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