“As an employee of a school district, you need to be cautious of what you say publicly.”

Amy Petrie

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‘Vineland teacher investigated for social media post related to missing girl’

“The bathing suit debacle was the beginning of the end of the pageant. Such a sad state of affairs for a great tradition.”

Dennis Friedrich

‘Miss America Organization apologizes for insulting past participants’

“He’s right, an impeachment started now will take too long. It’s a waste of money.”

Kate Robson Curry

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‘Van Drew not ready to call for Trump impeachment so close to election’

“No more time. Seize the assets and start sentencing. Long enough.”

Michael Gavin

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‘Attorneys in pharmaceutical fraud case request more time to analyze documents’

“The letter is right on. The only significant thing missing is emphasizing that the decedents of the slaves are the biggest beneficiaries.”

Ettore “Ed” Cattaneo

‘Letter: All citizens today

benefited from slavery’

“It’s a diversion from the inspector general’s report on FISA court abuses by the last administration.”

Mario Suarez

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‘Pelosi orders impeachment probe:

“No one is above the law”’

“Mafer, I think this is what we were seeing last week!”

Noel LoProto Irwin

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‘Watch for volcanic twilights at sunset and head to the skywatch’

“Imagine what we could do if we closed loopholes and adopted policies to thwart illegals from coming in.”

Sean Thomas

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‘Border Patrol: Bodies, cartel lookouts, footprints in mud — and fewer migrants’

“With the Rescue Mission a few blocks away, ShopRite will have its challenges with the crime, the homeless and mentally disabled currently in the area.”

Joe Maurice

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‘Some Atlantic City grocery stores are battling resort’s food desert stigma’

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