“Really you have three people on the committee who were part of problem that A.C. faces.”

Mike Jones

‘Atlantic City property tax task force named, will meet Sept. 9’

“Just doing his job by protecting the country’s borders.”

William Scull

“Everyone says ‘go for it’ until it is their land that is seized.”

Jean Jeanie

via Facebook

“‘Take the land’: President Trump

wants a border wall by Election Day”

“My preference was Trump Marina. In all Trump casinos, the comps flowed freely.”

Paul Rubin

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‘Look back at Trump Plaza’

“This could be the beginning of something huge for Atlantic City. A from-the-ground-up esports arena and entertainment complex could be a winner.”

Chris Ireland

‘Overwatch esports tournament

coming to Atlantic City in 2020’

“That is unacceptable. People have died due to stolen valor and it is already bad enough that people kneel during our national anthem.”

Patty Falkinburg

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‘Judge makes 2 who lied about being veterans wear signs saying “I am a liar”’

“That’s terrible that the neighborhood wants to push them out. This is a part of the solution to the city’s issue with addiction.”

Julie Ryan Carle

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‘Legal battle brews between Atlantic City, Hansen over sober living home’

“My teenage son would love to be in this!”

Natalie Knowles Weems

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‘Crews ready Atlantic Club

for filming zombie flick’

“It’s great seeing all the young men smiling.”

Amy O’Neill DeFullers

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‘Bridgeton football team receives new jerseys from Jaworski’s foundation’

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