“I know many teachers that have quit the profession because of the lack of respect that they get from students and parents.”

Jerry Brown

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‘Linwood teacher guilty of assault

must give up license, judge says’

“Can’t even have the Miss America Pageant without getting political!”

Marianne Augustine-Mason

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‘Miss America contestant calls Trump “biggest issue facing our country”’

“And a 9 percent drop barely makes a dent in the 65 percent increase I got hit with two years ago.”

Deb Mitchell Sarhan

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‘NJ residents to see Obamacare rates

fall for 2019 coverage’

“Well, we have dunes, bulkheads, outflow pipes, and it’s the bay I would worry about. Thank you, Gov. Christie.”

Marcia Mulligan

‘Florence to pass close to East Coast,

how will South Jersey fare?’

“If we eliminate the Electoral College, you can count on the West Coast picking every president of the United States.”

Jerry May

‘Let’s not mess with the Electoral College, says Michael Kinsley’

“I’m waiting to see the Black Horse Pike plan.”

Wally Bakely

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‘How high can they go? Raising roads

to outrun rising waters’

“An intermittent power source for a power grid is a useless costly boondoggle.”

Michael E. Smith

‘BPU deems Fishermen’s Energy wind proposal complete, review starts’

“Brave souls, it was a raw rainy day.”

Toni Lee Brestle

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‘SEEN at Atlantic City Seafood Festival’

“The complaint reads like 17 pages of nonsense.”

Jan Brittain

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‘Atlantic City police union, citing rights violation, sues city, state’