Stop A.C. drugs, loitering

Nothing is stopping the drug activity and loitering around the following areas: Tennessee Avenue, between Pacific and Atlantic avenues, including the alleys that run off Tennessee (Central and Monument avenues) and the corner of Tennessee and Atlantic avenues.

These areas have become an ugly sight, offensive and scary to walk by. This is obvious day and night. This needs 24 hour police presence to rid these areas of the usual activity that persists with impunity.

Furthermore, if these people move to other areas, with no hesitation, the police should be able to locate and maintain an immediate presence there or wherever in a 24/7 period. This would send a powerful message and let people who have criminal intentions know to go elsewhere, away from Atlantic City eventually.

Too many times I have seen police cruising by these areas. That needs to stop. Police need to let these people know that drug activity and loitering will not be tolerated.

Victor Jenkins

Atlantic City

Minimum wage worth it

Regarding the recent letter, “Minimum wage restricts liberty to work at will”:

The letter writer asserts that Democrats’ latest increase in the minimum wage is part of their “war on free markets and personal liberty.” Maybe we should revert to paying employees with chicken, goats or any amount to employees or selection based on appearance, weight, age, religion or sex. Or use an auction of salary to the lowest bidder.

The writer says, “Some businesses will be forced to close, or relocate to better states, reduce hours, raise prices.” I’d like to hear which businesses have taken these drastic steps because of salary minimums.

I think the letter writer may be mesmerized by a limited radio or TV station selection. He should recognize that salaries are a minimum requirement for different job opportunities.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

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