Need plan for survivors of late-term abortions

Amid all the arguing pro or con about babies surving late-term abortions, not one word seems to be said about what to do with the newborns. Who should care for them? Who is responsible for them?

If a couple has decided to abort and the effort failed, what kind of life would the child have if it wasn’t wanted in the first place?

Let’s put a plan in action before eliminating another one.

Alice M. Rainey


Heavenly reward for crash victim

Regarding the recent story, “Sea Isle City native killed in Ethiopia crash known for giving back”:

I did not know Matt Vecere but our faith is very much alike. I am so sorry for his family, losing a soldier of the Lord. I think God said to Matt, “You were my chosen one and you carried out over and beyond what I could have imagined, now it’s time for your reward.”

As much as family and friends will miss him, everyone should look at his life and all the people he helped and put first. How very proud the Lord must be to have him back.

Marie Quigley

Rio Grande

Board member avoided budget

Former Vineland Board of Education member Chris Jennings essentially got out of Dodge on the eve of a budget meeting.

The school board announced that 136 jobs would be cut and a 4 percent tax hike would be imposed on the taxpayers. I think that knowing what was about to happen, Jennings decided to bail out. His sights are now set on running for a seat on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders in November.

I’m not sure this was a clever decision on his part.

David M. Levin


N.J.-managed retirement savings another bad nanny state idea

Regarding the recent Press editorial “NJ’s well-intentioned retirement savings mandate has problems”:

I have a few questions about Secure Choice Savings and creating another New Jersey bureaucracy relative to handling retirement monies.

Why would any responsible adult need to have someone decide what should be done with money they earned? What about individual personal responsibility? How about accountability for decisions made? Why should responsible people pay for the bad decisions of irresponsible people?

In other words, I don’t need or want nanny state involvement nor should any adult. I resent our high taxes and the ilk who got us and sustain us at this point. We don’t need any more of them.

This is a bad idea that follows a slew of other bad ideas.

Bill Hartranft

Ocean City

More to socialism than holding one socialist position

I suggest that Republicans learn the difference between liberalism, socialism and communism. They should read the dictionary or a civics text book. Just because a person suggests one socialism standard does not make that person a socialist.

John Birkmeyer

Sea Isle City

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