No Disney for the accused

Regarding the recent story, “Alleged health benefits fraud ringleader can go to Disney, judge rules”:

What a cold, hard slap in the face for the taxpaying victims of New Jersey.

I had a different destination in mind for Sara and William Hickman.

Sean MaGrann

Egg Harbor Township

Release Mueller report

Congress and American citizens need to see the Mueller report, not a four page summary produced by Attorney General William Barr. He declared months ago that he was opposed to Mueller’s investigation. Not one full sentence from the actual report is contained in Barr’s summary.

Let’s draw our conclusions from the real thing. If President Trump is really exonerated, certainly he will be happy to see the report released.

Ron Gaskill


Special Olympics deserving

I’m thoroughly convinced that presidential administrations appropriate funding to the organizations and causes that they are passionate about. John Kennedy’s family was impacted by his mentally challenged sister, Rosemary Kennedy, and thus the Special Olympics was formed because of bills passed in 1962.

Recently the Trump administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed and then rescinded cutting funds for Special Olympics. This would have impacted 272,000 children and would have been totally unacceptable. Next, if this administration follows through with someday eliminating the ACA, government officials who are covered by great health insurance plans and have six figure incomes will not be passionate about pre-existing medical conditions because, financially for them, it is not an issue for concern.

It breaks my heart to know that politicians can and will remove what has become parts of the American way of life.

Joan Mahon


Against Korngut for exec

I am outraged by what I consider ignorant remarks by Susan Korngut, candidate for Atlantic County executive. Her acceptance speech at the Atlantic County Democratic convention was shocking. Korngut spoke of her Margate childhood, her successful businessman father, her beauty queen mother and her African-American “caregiver” who “never lived with us, but she was there in the morning and when I went to sleep at night.” Korn-gut seems insensitive to the burden of the routine on her “caregiver” to tend to her from dusk till dawn and go home every night to “Sewell Avenue in Bungalow Park” for some rest before returning again to her daily chores.

Perhaps Korngut believes this description of her childhood will ingratiate her. What makes it more appalling is it was a prepared speech. She can’t claim she misspoke.

Rich Chialastri


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