Barr must probe origin of anti-Trump conspiracy

Americans continue to pick up nickels while dollars blow over their heads. We are distracted by the story of the week, be it college admission fraud or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest mind-numbing scheme. We play whack-a-mole with culture shock while swamp denizens dismantle the Constitution.

President Donald Trump was elected to drain the Washington swamp. Yet, after two years, his presidency has been denied a justice department, completely neutered by the Russian collusion investigation. The only Russian collusion exposed by Robert Mueller’s team was that the Hillary Clinton campaign, aided by the Democratic National Committee, conspired with foreign agents to create a phony dossier implicating Trump. Also exposed were top pro-Clinton FBI and Justice Department employees who have yet to be indicted for any crimes.

Americans are losing faith in the justice system and somehow Trump, the target of this conspiracy, has gotten the blame. This is brilliant from the swamp point of view, where the masses are considered gullible and expendable useful idiots. New Attorney General William Barr has little time to begin holding these people responsible for actions I believe were treasonous. Faith in our Republic, which guarantees equal justice under the law, is in his hands.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor Township

Shield cars from golf

This letter is to try to prevent a tragedy. Recently while driving I passed a golf course and a wild golf ball hit my windshield. Stunned, I swerved into the oncoming lane, but thank God there were no cars coming and there was no one close behind me. This was a harrowing experience.

If this happens to another driver, they may not be as fortunate. Some kind of fencing should be installed to prevent these wild golf balls from flying into someone’s windshield.

Marion Jackie Arena


Van Drew’s drilling ban would also help health

I applaud Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat from Cape May County newly elected to Congress, for co-sponsoring bills to ban seismic testing and oil drilling in the ocean. Van Drew said that this issue crosses party lines, and that banning seismic testing is pro-business as well as pro-environment. Fishing and tourism are major industries throughout the U.S. and here locally.

I would like to pile on and add that this issue is also pro-health. Air pollution could be contributing to twice as many deaths (8.8 million) as previously estimated, according to research published in the European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular disease often deals the final blow — accounting for 40 to 80 percent of these deaths.

Dr. Mario L. Maiese


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