Proof lacking for science and attacks on religion

Regarding the recent letter, “Religious writings can’t prove without evidence”:

Let me respond to this attack by a critic of a previous letter writer, who felt everyone should “respect religion and science.”

I think it is the critic who is confused, with his tortured convoluted explanation of how a hypothesis works, in his attempt to prove science right and the belief in God wrong (inferred). I suggest he check Webster’s Dictionary instead of parroting what atheistic scientists want us to believe.

He demands proof of God’s existence. Have scientists proven their Big Bang Theory, which they insist created the universe, all from one pea-sized bit of matter? On the contrary, their theory was recently blown up, no pun intended, when it was recently discovered that not only is the universe expanding, as it would from an explosion, its expansion is accelerating, which it shouldn’t, because that’s opposite to how explosions work. Explosions gradually lose force, dissipate and collapse back on themselves. But the only thing collapsing here is the scientists’ Big Bang Theory. Time for another hypothesis?

He brings up Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as an alternative to creationism. He seems more certain of Darwinism than Darwin himself, who admitted, in “The Origin of Species,” that failure to find any fossils of any species in the in-between transitional stage (absolutely necessary to validate his theory) “perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.”

Though considered blasphemous in the scientific community, many scientists are now rethinking this idea of intelligent design. In an interview by David Ewing Duncan for Discover, leading scientist Francis S. Collins, former head of the Human Genome Project and author of “The Language of God,” says: “Is there any dogma more unsupported by the facts than from the scientist who stands up and says, ‘I know there is no God’?”

Scientists demand believers prove God exists. To that I say, prove he doesn’t.

I’ve written a book that goes into this more, “Does God Exist? — Are Science and the Belief in God Compatible?” It’s available on Amazon.

Donald R. Ackermann


Rapinoe disgraced flag, US

At the recent women’s soccer World Cup with the American flag presented and during the playing of the U.S. national anthem, Megan Rapinoe was the only member of the U.S.A. team to not sing the anthem or have her right hand over her heart, the only one. If FIFA hadn’t passed a rule that all teams would stand during their anthems, Rapinoe would have been on one knee, as she did before.

She disgraced the flag, this country and the military that defends it. Rapinoe seems to hate President Trump, but what does that have to do with disrespecting the anthem? I hope the patriotic members of the team go to the White House, when invited. Rapinoe won’t be there, and she should not be invited anyway.

George Krafft


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