Border issues failure

Some of us receiving news from the television must wonder at times if what we’re viewing qualifies as news or is beneficial.

Consider as an illustration the current discussions surrounding security at America’s border with Mexico. There is much to report on — goals, costs, policies and such — yet what is chosen for broadcast is frequently repetitions of film showing either people trudging toward the border, people attempting by stealth to cross the border, or people looking out from confinement after apprehension at the border.

Such reporting contributes nothing to elevating the minimally informed to the realm of the sufficiently enlightened. This leaves undisturbed in those minds where it resides the conviction that, if only U.S. borders were opened to all who want to enter, everything would be honky-dory.

Ray Lewis

Corbin City

Miss A leaves memories

Bert Parks, the late former host of the Miss America Pageant, sang “There she goes, Miss America,” words coming true after years of appearing as the biggest attraction every year in Atlantic City and watched all over the world on television.

Miss America is being moved to a casino in Connecticut. All good things must come to an end.

I grew up looking forward to every September, watching young women gathered together in the city to fulfill a lifelong dream of fame and glory.

Change is hard to accept, but happens every day. Miss America was very special. It will never be the same in another city.

We will hold onto our memories of happy times when Atlantic City reigned as “The Queen of Resorts.” I wish her well, with a sad goodbye.

Marilyn Hernberg


Engage on health policy

Many people know someone whose medical bills were denied by their health care provider or whose coverage was suddenly canceled.

There are proposals in Congress for Medicare for all. Currently, Medicare provides health insurance for approximately 44 million Americans — those over 65 years of age and 9 million younger people with disabilities.

Congressmen and congresswomen have 72 percent of their health care plans paid for by taxes. Also, there is a medical center located in the U.S. Capitol building called the Office of the Attending Physicians. It is staffed by physicians, pharmacists, nurses and technicians.

Meanwhile, industry lobbyists are working to keep the old system. Large donations are made to incumbent re-election campaigns. Incumbents will not be in a hurry to make changes unless people get involved.

Bill Martin

Egg Harbor Township

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