Candidates’ free stuff has many strings attached

In the book of Matthew 4:8, Satan took Jesus to an exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world. He told Jesus: “All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me.” Jesus rejected Satan with the words, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.”

Since that time many a totalitarian has come into power by using the same satanic tactic to gain control over a country. Once in power, it’s goodbye arms, property and freedom. Under totalitarian government, the people become slaves of the state. They are impoverished and many are killed. More people have been killed by their own governments in the past century than have been killed in wars.

Here in America, we have 20-plus Democrat presidential candidates using the same tactic — saying, I will give you things if you will vote me in as your president. One candidate, Bernie Sanders, promises the right to a decent job and living wage, the right to quality health care, a complete education, affordable housing, a clean environment and a secure retirement. These six “rights” that define the Sanders platform are much like the old Soviet Constitution, sometimes called the Stalin Constitution.

Each is trying to outdo the others with economic handouts, with complete disregard for those who earned these handouts. Getting these economic goodies without having to work for and earn them does appeal to many. But they go for these goodies with the mindset of fish going for food on a hook, because they think it’s free with no strings attached.

Thus far, we have only one candidate committed to the U.S. Constitution, with its Bill of Rights. He is President Donald Trump. He has been savaged by many across the political spectrum and in the media. He is committed to making this a nation not only more prosperous, as evidenced by statistical data, but also a safer nation with respect to the Constitution that made America a place where many throughout the world want to come.

Robert Vertolli


Replace Miss A parade

Now is the time for Atlantic City to create a new event, a Columbus Day parade, to replace the popular Miss America Parade down the Boardwalk. All that are needed are a half-dozen bands and 50 beautiful people in gowns, riding in convertibles.

Their sashes could read “Miss Whatever” or “Miss Grey Poupon” or “Miss Brigantine.” It doesn’t matter. Add Mayor Gilliam and a few other willing marchers and you have a winner. This year, Columbus Day falls on a Saturday. Let’s go!

Jack Chevalier


Debt will burden kids

I’ve used credit cards ever since they became popular for every day purchases. But I never paid interest, except for large purchases like a house or car. With five children I was always thinking of future expenses.

Unfortunately, our elected representatives in Congress think the future obligations of the country are just that, in the future. They are using the equivalent of a credit card to finance the USA. Last year set a record for debt. I’ve seen published reports that 25% of Americans’ spending is for debt. And of course the proposed budget for the coming year is even worse.

The 1% are extremely happy to see their financial windfall from the tax cut not only continue, but get better. I think many representatives must be in the top 5% and have jobs they cherish.

That’s probably why there is bipartisan support. They will all have good news for their constituents, but they won’t say their kids will have to pay for it.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

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