Medicare for all would lift costs, diminish care

Regarding the recent letter, “Public insurance option path to Medicare for all”:

The writer promoted Medicare for all as the perfect solution for universal health care. He pointed to the Veterans Health Administration as an example of government health care that provides shorter wait times and better care than private sector hospitals. The opposite is true.

Is he unaware of the dire situation many vets have faced with long waits for life saving treatment and the need to travel many miles out of their area for care? The Trump administration has initiated a program where a veteran facing such conditions can go to a nearby public sector hospital for faster, better treatment. Government sponsored health care and insurance is not the answer, for too often it results in less or no care (one example being the extremely high Obamacare out-of-pocket deductibles).

Another unspoken aspect of the Medicare for all mantra is that Medicare is not free. We all contribute from every paycheck toward medical care for the elderly population, and seniors pay a monthly premium out of every Social Security check. But Medicare alone is not sufficient, so most seniors pay monthly for an additional private insurance company supplement.

Also, many doctors are currently overwhelmed with Medicare patients. (My own annual Medicare exam was recently scheduled for January 2020!) Just imagine how few medical resources would be available if the demand dramatically increased.

At present we have Medicaid for those who cannot afford health insurance. In New Jersey, we have free insurance for children. There are hospital clinics for those who fall through the cracks and in Cape May County, we have our wonderful Volunteers in Medicine. These safety nets ensure that no one need go without care.

When a politician speaks of universal health care, remember that means giving up choice and inviting control.

Kathleen F. Pendlebury

Cape May Court House

Defeat Trump, save world

The country has been assaulted from within by President Trump and his administration while enabled by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party. With every assault, it gets worse.

I never thought I’d see a president accused by multiple women without consequences, who is too friendly to authoritarians while criticizing allies, who attacks institutions, alleges fake news and backs out of deals. Trump speaks despairingly about anyone who disagrees with him, and puts himself above the concern for the country. These are not the traits of a good and strong president.

So after two years of him dismantling programs intended to help improve the environment and public health, I am looking forward to seeing him leave the White House. Bring back civility and common sense. Bring back separation of church and state. Bring back a president who bows to the will of the people. Bring back a leader who unifies us.

I hope there is a majority of people in the country that believe that Trump is not the way to go and that such a majority will win the electoral vote as well as the popular vote in the 2020 election. Everyone needs to do their civic duty and vote. If people who feel disenfranchised with government vote, they can make a difference. While they still have the right to register to vote, they should do so. Defeating Trump may save not only this country but also the world. Then we can look toward building up relationships that have been torn down and a brighter future.

Deborah Williams


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