Somers Point allows too many coin drops

Twenty years ago when we bought our Somers Point home, my wife told one of her coworkers in Philadelphia about it. When asked, she explained it was on the way to Ocean City.

The reply was, “Oh, the town of beggars.” It seems like that is our image, not where the shore starts. For a while, City Council limited the number of weekends when coin drops were allowed. Now it seems they are allowed every weekend and the reputation “town of beggars” seems justified.

Robert Edney

Somers Point

Trump criticized US too

What a short memory President Trump has. In the past, before and during his campaign, he complained and whined about his disapproval of the country. If he was so unhappy, why didn’t he follow his own advice and leave? I guess the only ones who are allowed to voice their discontent are those of the same ilk as him. So much for freedom of speech.

Peg Caccia

Ocean City

Learn to tell the truth, political propaganda

Let’s assume all Americans want all other humans living in their countries to have a safe and comfortable life. The question then becomes, what policies are enacted in pursuit of that goal? This is where the debate begins.

Policy No. 1 — Provide taxpayer money for food, housing, education, health care and just about anything else a person requires to get through life. Policy No. 2 — Provide taxpayer money for low-interest loans for qualifying individuals for education and small business assistance. Work with industry to create training facilities aimed at employing the uneducated.

Both lists can go on and on, but you get the drift. One side feels good about themselves by fulfilling their needs, while the other side is trying to build self-worth.

All this can and should be debated, but it won’t be. The problem is politics because President Trump is not avoiding conflict like the late John McCain, Mitt Romney or George W. Bush. His political foes, including the media, had to up their game. They have accused Trump of being a traitor, racist and just about any other lowlife you can think of. In their minds, this allows them to say or do anything vile they can to make it sound a little believable.

Most citizens go about their everyday life with little concern for politics, but they can’t avoid it completely. Some assume what they are hearing must be true since so many are saying it. It was on the radio and TV, and even in the newspaper, and many said it with such conviction.

People should question it. We don’t know at what point the truth ends and the propaganda begins. On most stations, that is the words following the name President Trump.

Joseph Gundy

Mays Landing

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