Teach children the rules, set example for them

There is no value in an education that lacks the full attention of the student. A teacher can’t teach in a room of distraction with a student body that defies authority and holds no respect for the rights of those who are there to learn. Rules are the backbone of maintaining an environment conducive to providing the best possible outcome for learning.

Education is the root to all success, without it we become a society of ignorance. Basic rules of human compatibility are encompassed in not only social behaviors, but also in acceptance and respect for each individual’s beliefs. It does not matter the color of one’s skin nor the country of one’s origin. The onslaught of narcissistic persona as well as a lack of morality and basic human concern brings about this melee of violence and self-righteousness that we now see culminating into chaos. We need look no further than ourselves in regard to regaining any semblance of peace and unity. Everybody cannot be right and everybody cannot be wrong; however, we can agree to disagree and move on.

Discipline and integrity bring about an equilibrium of society that can co-exist without hatred and tragedy. Teach children about gentleness and camaraderie. Let them learn, let them make mistakes, do not chastise them with the expectation of perfection. Most of all, teach them to have independence. Let them know that it is OK to falter as that is how to build self-esteem (getting back up and trying a different path).

Consequence is a word that needs to be introduced in every vocabulary, life is about choices and common sense; if it feels wrong, it is wrong! (Trust your instincts.) Being their own person while respecting the role and rights of others around them, teaching collaboration as well as cooperation; these are valuable assets that will equip a child for the world they must learn to face every day.

Be the example that sets the mold. Raise the child that will make the difference, not the child that initiates defiance, for the future is in their hands.

Mary Barner


Should support Edwardi

It is astonishing to see how someone so dedicated can be so needlessly persecuted for someone’s own agenda.

Former fire Chief Frank Edwardi Sr. tried to explain the true facts of the accusations reported about his retirement and credentials to no avail.

To attack someone who resigned from illness and who has been dedicated to the town for over 45 years is disgusting. Administrators should be vocally supporting Edwardi.

Sharon Sanfosso


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