Treat student debt fairly

The forgiveness of student debt would be a slap in the face to those who saved and in many cases did without to send their kids to college and to those who repaid their loans.

You would think that there would be talk about college tuition being tax deductible before it’s forgiven and new ways to work it off other than the military or public service.

But under no circumstances should it be set aside for those who didn’t graduate.

Robert Friedenberg

Galloway Township

Trump not true patriot

Regarding the recent letter, “Respect US and Trump”:

My first reaction after reading the letter was wondering how a U.S. Marine could respect someone exempted from the draft. Cheap patriotism is the patriotism we bestow on ourselves. It is easy to hug the flag like President Donald Trump; it is difficult to defend it.

We know the heroic life stories of the late Sens. Bob Dole and John McCain. Bob Kerrey, a former governor of Nebraska and U.S. senator, as a Navy Seal was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in combat in Vietnam, losing the lower part of his right leg in that action. Admiral William McRaven (Ret.), also a Navy Seal, was commander of all U.S. Special Operations Forces, and headed the action that got Osama bin Laden. Robert Mueller was a combat-tested Marine in Vietnam decorated for valor. Unlike Trump, who was deferred from the draft because of bone spurs, Mueller rehabbed himself so he was able to pass the Marine physical and serve in Vietnam. To this list, the name of Marine Gen. James Mattis can be added. These men are true patriots; men who served the nation selflessly and with uncommon valor.

McCain, Mueller, McRaven and Mattis all share the honor of being disparaged by Trump. Kerrey and McRaven have pulled no punches in expressing their disdain for him. So before veterans chastise Americans for exercising their constitutional freedoms, they should read the actual U.S. Constitution, not some distortion served up by talk radio hosts. They should also read the Federalist Papers, written by the nation’s Founders, and George Washington’s farewell address to the nation. I think these writings suggest just how un-American Trump and his cronies are.

Alan Lieberman


Commend Cape officials for cooperating with ICE

Imagine if the diligent correction officers at the Cape May County Jail didn’t check if new inmates have warrants for failure to pay child support, following a N.J. Attorney General’s office Dead Beat Parent Trust Directive. That would be illogical and foolish, prohibiting the enforcement of civil court ordered support of children.

So it’s beyond logic and common sense that the attorney general has issued the Immigrant Trust Directive, prohibiting selected and trained sworn law enforcement officers at county jails, under the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 287(g) program, from continuing to assist federal law enforcement in the limited role of identifying incoming inmates, charged with criminal offenses, for an even more serious purpose (the safety of the community, regardless of citizenship status).

I commend Sheriff Robert Nolan for challenging this “unjust or not right rule “ and for seeking an answer as to whether the state attorney general can prevent him from working with federal law enforcement. Obstruction of justice? Perhaps the U.S. attorney for the District of N.J., or a state or federal judge could provide guidance.

I commend the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders for unanimously supporting the sheriff in this matter and I look forward to a fair and just resolution for all concerned.

John W. Reemmer


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