Congress must bring Americans together

The news media seems to twist everything President Trump has to say. Trump did not make any racist statements regarding the two Muslim women or any other person of color.

His statement was that these two women and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) constantly bash America rather than develop policies that would actually bring Americans together. Congress and the news media are only dividing citizens even further apart. No Democrat has shown courage by standing up in Congress and saying that the party is a major reason why America is so divided and President Trump is using that to his advantage.

Americans can solve any problem when they put differences aside, come together and work to make changes for the better.

This Congress has too many hate mongers who only point fingers and make false accusations, apparently thinking the American people are stupid. Rep. Ilhan Omar has said she used to hate Jews and vowed the U.S. is “not going to be a country of white people.”

Congress hasn’t done enough to bring Americans together, to make life better. It was Trump who made the effort, so we now have the lowest unemployment rate since Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. Not that Trump is without controversy.

David Barsky

Atlantic City

Unite against racism

The current administration in Washington has unwittingly given all of us a gift more valuable than gold. The vicious and intolerant language spouted by President Trump and his minions, with the apparent support of the Republican Party, has uncovered an American myth. We operate under the illusion that we are a free society. That we are free to express ourselves, to work and live in peace. We are all equal under the law.

There has been a confounding disconnect in that as we are told these beliefs are true, in reality they are not, and haven’t been. There is an intolerant, racist and xenophobic underbelly that exists in the nation. It begins to make sense that so much that needs to be done, hasn’t been. The same problems seem to pop up time and again. Like treating a wound that won’t heal until we dig in and treat the underlying infection.

If the people who have been elected to high public office believe that they are acting on behalf of and according to the wishes of the electorate, and they stand idly by as the current administration tries to sow enmity, then behold: the truth. Americans should seize this opportunity to truly unite in the way envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Americans are in this together. There’s nothing we can’t do as a united people.

Jim McManus

Ocean City

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