Support regulations, Dems

There was an experiment a few years ago with children and cupcakes. An interviewer would place a child in a room with one cupcake. He or she was told that the interviewer had to leave for a few minutes but when he returned, if the cupcakes was still there, he would bring two more cupcakes with him. In other words, for patience and self-restraint, there would be rewards.

Things now are prosperous for some of us, except for the 4 million homeless and the 40 million on the edge of poverty, but what price are we paying for this fragile success. As the energy companies have gained permission to dig far and wide for coal, oil and natural gas, many restrictions have been lifted or are in the process of being lifted that affect the environment. National parks, areas that are environmentally sensitive, aquifers that are in danger of contamination, Indian sacred areas, the ocean being leased for drilling, and the list goes on. Car companies do not need to follow all of the fuel guidelines previously enacted. Yes, we are getting our cupcakes today but what will be left in the future: dirtier air, more contaminated water and environmental destruction that is propelling global warming.

Restrictions and regulations are there for a reason. A few may have needed tweaking but the majority serve a good purpose. Just like the stop sign or traffic light is a deterrent for car accidents, regulations are the stop signs and traffic lights needed for the well-being and safety of people to keep corporations honest.

And throw in the change in the tax laws that corporations and the 1% were given. Voters should keep this in mind in 2020. Republicans favor companies and the wealthy, and Democrats favor the people, 90% of them.

Gene Mulligan

Wildwood Crest

Keep out illegal aliens

Immigrants of past years arrived in this country through the proper channels. Today, aliens believe they can enter this country without using the correct procedure and still be treated as citizens, even though they are actually “illegal aliens,” as opposed to “undocumented immigrants,” which can give the impression they entered this country the right way.

The media shows pictures of children in “cages” to make it seem as if we don’t care. Why not emphasize the fact that we don’t have the space to keep them comfortable? We cannot expect the best of conditions to entertain a bombardment of tens of thousands of illegal entrants. They keep pouring in knowing that they will be detained and their children will be separated from them. The country already has an abundance of disadvantaged people who are being fed, clothed and housed by government.

It is time to crack down, put America first, and close the borders.

It cannot be denied that these people are illegal aliens, people who have acted against the law.

Richard Barsotti

Mays Landing

Armed security disturbing

In June, my family and I attended a dance recital performed by children ages 5 to 18. Their performances were entertaining and heartfelt for the effort and execution they gave. When the recital concluded, there were smiles all around; proud parents, grandparents and other relatives. As we left the auditorium my spirits were dampened. In the foyer were two men dressed in black shirts with “Security” across their backs. One man had a holster and gun.

Is this how we make America great again? The contrast between these precious, shining stars and a holstered gun deeply disturbed me. I still can’t shake the image. I don’t know what is more disturbing; the need for guns at a public recital or the appearance of guns at a recital.

As a child of the ’50s and ’60s, I never saw security at school events, sporting events, concerts and so on. What changed? Society seems to need martial law. The land of the free is shackled by the fear of stray bullets and bullets with intent to kill.

I would like to attend a dance recital without guns at the ready. My grandkids deserve the best America can offer and right now the best isn’t even good.

Lee von Doehren

Egg Harbor Township

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