Media loves critics of Trump and US

So-called stars, even washed up ones, seem to get the limelight as long as they criticize the USA or President Donald Trump.

Ex-football player Colin Kaepernick criticized Nike’s Betsy Ross sneakers and Nike removed them from sale. I hope Nike realizes the star has lost his glory. Fortunately, I have four Betsy Ross flags left over from 1976, the 200th anniversary celebration. They are now on display.

I was really enjoying watching the FIFA women’s soccer tournament until their superstar player disrespected the anthem, the flag, the president and the White House. The star has the right to protest, but to me, by injecting her politics over the team’s stardom, she became the media’s focus. The sooner her face vanishes from the TV, the better for me.

Robert J. Caroccio

Ocean City

Trump has done nothing

Regarding the recent letter, “Harris, other Democrats deliberately dividing US”:

This is a rebuttal. I too did not attend the speech by Sen. Kamala Harris, nor read the press coverage. However, I have seen her in two debates and followed her since her announcement seeking the presidency.

The writer says Harris is offensive and disrespectful to President Trump because she didn’t say anything about the so-called great economy. In many families parents are working at least two jobs and living paycheck to paycheck. How is this economy great for them?

The writer says Trump is not a puppet politician, but search online and maybe you’ll see how much in campaign donations he has gotten from people in the oil and pharmaceutical industries and from supporters of the NRA.

He’s not strong. I think he just doesn’t care. Anyone who has lied so often doesn’t deserve respect.

The writer says Trump hasn’t been given credit for what he has done. Republicans are trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Trump has yet to announce a possible replacement plan for it. President Obama passed government health care that the past six presidents didn’t. Where is the wall that Mexico is going to pay for? Trump said he has an infrastructure plan but not much has been done.

I think there are more white people on welfare than black people. I received my master’s degree from Morgan State University in Baltimore, one of the finest historically black colleges and universities in the country, and I think Trump espouses crap.

Sharon Taliaferro

Atlantic City

Rep. Tlaib is a Semite

In a country absolutely obsessed with race, why is there such appalling ignorance clouding the subject?

Take the four congresswomen, called the Squad, who are described as women of color. They are in fact three women of color and a Palestinian-American, Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Palestinians are, as people should know, Semitic members of the Caucasian race. And as a Semite, she can’t possibly be anti-Semitic unless she hates herself. She can be anti-Israel, and is, and she can dislike Jews, and apparently does, but anti-Semitic she cannot be. Call her a fool, if you please. But leave race out of it.

Vincent Torlini

Atlantic City

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