Advice for Trump fans

No, Hillary Clinton did not win the race to the White House, but she opened the eyes of Americans after the election as to how seriously important the presidential election really is (if a respected country means anything). President Obama told his audience once to “not applaud for him, but vote.”

President Trump does hold the office and the title. In the short time he has left in office, some of his supporters should remind him that he won and he need not feel insecure anymore, because the 2016 election is over.

Also, they should tell him he needs to ask his Senate what the people are really saying about a good economy. Do his supporters know of any young people graduating from high school and college and who cannot find jobs in their fields? Do they know any parents working two to three part-time jobs to make ends meet? Have they read about any business shutting down, putting people out of work that really want and need to work?

Since when has it become justifiable for the president to bully, disrespect, curse, not just behind closed doors, but in public? His supporters justify it and say the Democrats make him say it. This is truly a sad time for the country.

Barbara Y. Dinkins


African Americans misled by Dems on reparations

Democratic politicians in general, and the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates in particular, seem to be getting desperate and are now talking about reparations to attract (by misleading) African-American voters. African Americans are smart enough to know that Democrats have been taking them for granted.

Regarding reparations, most Americans (me included) had neither anything to do with slavery, nor did they in anyway benefit from it. Many African Americans, as well as others like myself, are naturalized citizens who might resent their tax dollars being used for reparations.

Furthermore, it might not be possible to genuinely identify those African Americans who are descendants of slaves and reparations could cost more than a trillion dollars, which is unaffordable.

Democrats have exploited African Americans for too long, and I’m glad to say I think that they have become cognizant of the false promises made by Democratic politicians.

In two and a half years, President Trump has markedly reduced African-American unemployment and their levels of poverty, and also raised their wages.

I hope that African Americans will support President Trump’s re-election, as well as Republican candidates for Congress and Senate.

This will enable them to do more for all minorities.

Mohammad Imran

Galloway Township

Democrats must impeach

Articles of impeachment should not be subjected to a political calculation. It is a moral obligation that must be initiated when the United States president has clearly abused the powers of office or violated the public trust.

Democrats have no choice but to begin the impeachment process against President Trump. It is their constitutional duty.

If they do not proceed with impeachment, they are committing political malpractice.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

Boardwalk needs work

Atlantic City is famous for the boardwalk. The boardwalk is in poor condition and is dangerous to walk on. Screws stick out and boards are loose.

Over the past year, its condition has deteriorated and nothing has been done. What will it take for Atlantic City to wake up to this problem?

Judy Warshal

Atlantic City

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