US racism evidence clear

Regarding the recent letter, “Leftists attacking US as racist must be stopped”:

People on the far right don’t seem to have an accurate knowledge of American history. And for that matter, world history as well. Blacks developed the empire of Egypt. White supremacy is a poisonous myth. Not to say that non-whites are superior, just that we are no less.

They seem unaware that a black man, Pedro Alonso, was the pilot of Columbus’s Santa Maria when it first landed in America. The first American killed in the Revolutionary War’s Boston Massacre was a black man named Crispus Attucks.

The Red Summer of 1919 brought attacks by white mobs on several black communities. In the Tulsa, Okla., 1921 race massacre, a white mob killed more than 100 blacks.

Some seem unfamiliar with the following history: red lining, the GI bill, Tuskegee experiments, Dr. Charles Drew and lynchings of blacks.

America’s Jim Crow laws demonstrated that blacks were considered less than human. Countless black World War II veterans have recounted the vicious irony of being refused service in white establishments, which freely welcomed German immigrants. Kate Smith was a singer of what I consider racist songs during the time she sang “God Bless America.” The American flag salute proclaims liberty and justice for all.

Due to ubiquitous cell phones, people are newly able to record police brutality and nasty racist incidents and share those realities on social media.

Some people may wish to ignore or resist, but the truth is the truth. I think non-whites are on a quest for truth and justice. To argue with the reality of Americans’ history is as uninformed as arguing that the world is flat.

Bonny Nixon

Egg Harbor City

Gun magazine restriction violates 2nd Amendment

New Jersey insists the new law limiting how many rounds a magazine may hold is not unconstitutional and nor goes against the 2nd Amendment. The meaning of infringement is “the action of limiting or undermining something.” Our forefathers did not intend on our right to bear arms to be infringed upon, yet that’s exactly what they are doing.

Now, I’m not one who goes around shooting people and I obey the law. So who is this law for? Will New Jersey take responsibility and pay to replace the magazines of all firearm holders that hold more than 10 rounds? What both the state of New Jersey and the federal Judge who upheld this law are doing comes down to a violation of the 2nd Amendment. When they entered office, they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet they are changing the law at will.

The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. I for one have no intention are getting rid of the magazines I have until they come up with a better solution.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

Biden best to beat Trump

So far it looks like Joe Biden is best positioned to beat President Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton lost because Democrats stayed home, thinking he couldn’t win. Biden has a commanding lead in polls with African-American voters. They and others will not sit home next year.

In last year’s House midterms, Democrats had 8.6 million more votes than Republicans.

Trump is his own worst enemy. I think he has not the decency or character to be president.

Robert Mueller testified that Trump’s written answers to his office’s questions “generally” weren’t always truthful and complete.

Tom Celandine

Somers Point

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