End NJ biz subsidies

The state Legislature voted to extend the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, even as it is under investigation by the tax incentive task force created by Gov. Phil Murphy, due to an audit that showed immense issues and impropriety within the program. The incentive program was set to expire July 1. Murphy has proposed a new tax incentive program that would be transparent and accountable.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been approved for corporations that are politically connected, with little transparency or accountability by the NJ-EDA.

The New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013, during the Christie administration, was drafted behind closed doors, and special consideration was given for companies contemplating a move to Camden. Since then, $1.6 billion in tax incentives have been approved for companies in Camden that haven’t been sufficiently held accountable.

My legislative representatives Sen. Chris Brown and Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato should support Gov. Murphy and end the corporate welfare of the NJ-EDA.

New Jersey taxpayers deserve to have their tax dollars used to benefit the people of the state — better funding for schools, improved infrastructure, better treatment centers for addiction, job training programs in poverty stricken areas, addressing climate change and the rising seas levels, and higher education that is affordable.

Helen Duda


Trout deserves coverage

A recent letter stated that “paying attention to the daily performance and activities of Mike Trout is getting old.” What Trout brings to professional baseball and the Los Angeles Angels, in both skill and attitude, is most interesting and amazing.

I continue to marvel at the athletes who come from our region and I enjoy reading about them in The Press. Keep these stories coming. Keep the daily Mike Trout update.

I am by no definition a sports fan. I barely know a baseball inning from a football quarter. I am not a relative or a friend of any of our area athletes. I simply admire athletic talent such as that possessed by Mike Trout, “batting average 301, 28 home runs in 87 games.” Trout continues to be of interest to many locals, whatever team he plays for.

Susan Cavanaugh


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