Surging migrants get help

Who is organizing the flow of migrants to our southern border?

I do not believe that 340,000 poverty stricken residents of Central America decided to come to the United States in the last three months without guidance and support.

They had to have instructions on where to go and what to do. They had to have transportation, fuel, food, lodging and medical support. They needed documents. That all costs money.

Somebody is organizing the migration and paying for it. Who?

John Doherty

Atlantic City

Democrats constructive, GOP backward thinking

Some letter writers trash Democrats, calling them mean-spirited. One writer said the Democratic candidates for president have no constructive ideas. Their ideas are on the candidates’ websites.

The Democratic candidates all have plans to provide health care for all. They all consider health care a right, not a privilege for the few. They all want lower prescription prices, college tuition costs and to deal with the incredible amount of student debt. They want to stop corporate greed, fix infrastructure, make it easier to vote, and increase consumer protections. They seek to deal with climate change, the greatest threat to the world. Democrats have plans to tackle racial injustice and reform the criminal justice system, which adds to that racial injustice.

I think President Trump and the Republicans want to take away health care and replace it, but none of them have a plan. Trump’s promises to lower prescription prices, develop infrastructure and help with the opioid crisis are nothing. I believe Republicans want to continue tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, and Trump wants to divide the country. I think Trump and the Republicans want to weaken environmental protections, which would cause an increase in climate change.

I believe Trump and the Republicans just want things to continue as they are, even turning back the clock and moving backward, not forward in dealing with the nation’s issues.

Karl M. Frank III

Mays Landing

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