Check on senior citizens during very hot weather

Heat exhaustion can sneak up on you, causing increased body temperature, rapid pulse, headache and fatigue. If you don’t get cool, you’ll dehydrate, possibly suffer a stroke or die.

Of 8,000-plus heat-related fatalities reported annually in the United States, 36 percent are among those age 65 and older, according to a Centers for Disease Control Heat-Related Illness Survey. Hospitalizations for heat-related symptoms increase for those over 85.

Those with elderly friends, relatives or neighbors should take five minutes to check in on them, particularly in very hot weather. The company whose local facility I direct, Griswold Home Care, was founded by a Philadelphia-area woman after a parish-ioner in her church died from dehydration.

Giving just a few minutes to ensure a senior’s well-being can be highly rewarding. It might even save a life.

Christine DiPrimio

Ocean City

Promoter got off easy for theft of $5,000

Unappreciative Wildwood promoter Amanda Thomas pleaded guilty to stealing and trying to rip off unsuspecting, hard-working, taxpaying citizens. She already was in a pre-trial intervention program for taking $3,666 from the Betsy Young Memorial Fund and using it for personal purposes. She pleaded guilty to stealing $5,000 from an unsuspecting vendor while promoting concerts in Wildwood and was only sentenced to four years probation and $750 fine — with a payment plan of $100 a month no less, as if she’s buying furniture on installment.

The community relies on Special Deputy Attorney General Joanna Vassallo, Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland. Superior Court Judge Michael Donohue and Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano to protect it from such people. Based on statements to her probation officer, she refused to take responsibility for her actions. The verdict and sentence should have been clearer.

I think if the offender were African American, Latino or a poor white without political connections and a private attorney, prison would have been a foregone conclusion.

Anthony Parisi Sanchez


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