A.C. too restrictive of sober living homes

Regarding the recent story, “Sober living residents defend recovery in Atlantic City”:

I have known the Hansen family for over 50 years, and have seen the great work they have done in this community regarding the drug epidemic that has a choke hold on our entire nation.

The Atlantic City ordinance passed in 2018 regarding limits and proximity of sober living homes makes no sense. The homes in question provide a safe and sober environment for those who seek help from their drug addiction.

I applaud Jennifer Hansen, her family and foundation. They have devoted their lives to the cause of helping those who just couldn’t help themselves.

The city governing bodies must take another look at the existing ordinance and consider an amended or alternative plan. Many lives are at stake.

Don Siok


Medicare for all would work well, save lives

Regarding the recent letter, “Medicare for all would lift costs, diminish care”:

The writer did not take into consideration that an additional Medicare option along with current health insurance options would provide more access for those who do not have access to health insurance.

The writer mentioned the delayed wait times and travel required for veterans to access health care; this can be corrected by allowing veterans to access treatment closer to home and this should be a simple fix. Veterans are covered under a separate government plan and this is currently a government issue.

The writer attributed high deductibles to Obamacare. Anyone who is required to purchase private insurance is well aware that this has been a problem for decades. Self-employed individuals, those who are not covered by an employer sponsored plan, and those who earn too much to qualify for state plans struggle annually to find an affordable plan.

Approximately 91% of all physicians accept Medicare. I have never experienced an issue with scheduling a specialist or my primary care physician under Medicare.

The implementation of a Medicare option will not change the need for a supplemental policy. Medicare Advantage is an alternate option currently available.

Finally, Medicare negotiates the cost for services and but not for prescriptions. Providing coverage options for all hopefully would eliminate the cost of charity care and reduce dependence on emergency rooms for basic care. Those without adequate insurance tend to wait for treatment and end up in the emergency room, which is more costly.

An option for all would save lives, negotiating costs for care and prescriptions will save lives.

Lauretta Garofalo

Egg Harbor Township

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