Gen. Lee got citizenship, not those seeking asylum

In 1975, both houses of Congress voted to restore American citizenship to Gen. Robert E. Lee, who led Confederate troops in the Civil War that resulted in the deaths of 620,000 Americans.

Today, thousands are seeking asylum, leaving lives of poverty and violence, to join Americans in a better life. Yet they are forced into cruel, disgraceful conditions.

Something is wrong here.

Susen Shapiro

Egg Harbor City

Relocate trapped foxes

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Nothing natural about destruction of NJ beach nesting birds”:

I think the editorial is wrong in its support for trapping foxes to protect endangered birds.

The foxes keep the rodent population under control — ask anyone who ever went to Block Island, off Rhode Island, where rats run wild and there are no foxes.

Foxes should be trapped humanely and relocated. Besides, hawks also eat these birds.

Joe Oliveri


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