Need post-concert cleanup

Living next to Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City has its benefits. I love the idea of free concerts. The aftermath is a disaster. The trash that people leave is an eyesore and health hazard.

Where is the cleanup crew?

Helen Levine

Atlantic City

Need Trump media store

Almost daily, another book is written concerning Donald Trump and his presidency. The possibility now exists that a special bookstore will be devoted to the sale of these books. I suggest 10,000 square feet of retail space initially, and lease for additional 100,000.

An added floor for newspapers and magazine articles, and a million square feet for the collection of all tweeters from President Trump tweets. The store must have options for every city in the United States and requests from all foreign countries.

If President Trump wins the 2020 presidency election, this operation should require the empire city’s location in Madison Square Stadium in New York City.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

Dems no help on border

Just how concerned are the Democrats about the crisis at the border. First there was no crisis, it was just a fake crisis developed by President Trump. Then after three months, according to the Democrats, it became a full-blown crisis.

They now have the opportunity to correct, through immigration legislation, the situation at the border, but found it necessary to take a five-week vacation. This shows how much they are concerned about alleviating the border crisis.

With the enormity of the people being held, it has grown to a situation in which it is difficult to house, feed, give medical attention or give protection.

The Democrats and other members of Congress left the city without getting anything accomplished on border security or to the point, any other matters. This has been their norm since taking over control of the House, with the exception of investigating President Trump or trying to impeach him.

Without the help from Congress, the president is doing his best to stem the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Ted Hesser

Mays Landing

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