Legal marijuana would make NJ healthier, safer

The views of The Press on marijuana are completely wrong.

Legalization of marijuana is not a desperate attempt to increase revenue. It is a well-reasoned effort to increase public health and public safety in New Jersey. Legalization will also start to repair the damages from the harmful, ineffective and unnecessary war on marijuana.

Legalization of marijuana is the best way to get the right medicine to the most people. It changes medical marijuana from a drug that requires multiple doctor visits to a drug that can be purchased like aspirin by any adult. This would reduce medical costs for the consumer.

Yes, there have been problems associated with the legalization of marijuana. But it is only in a system of government-regulated distribution of marijuana that these problems can be identified and addressed. New Jersey will insist on proper labeling of marijuana products, age and activity restrictions and a ban on marketing to minors.

The illegal market follows no rules — it uses minors to distribute drugs and violence to settle differences. The more U.S. people arrested for marijuana violations, currently over 30,000 a year, the more people are marginalized and forced to illegal sources of income. The war on marijuana makes the drug problem worse. Indeed, it makes society itself worse.

Public health and public safety would be increased if New Jersey finally legalizes and appropriately regulates marijuana for adults. And, yes, revenue would be increased and criminal justice costs would be avoided. The sooner this happens, the better.

Ken Wolski


Age of Manafort case casts doubt on witness memory

The prosecution and trial of Paul Manafort is being done in complete unfairness to him because memories have faded since 2005. Any witness essential to the case can’t possibly remember with perfect clarity what a trial would demand. I hope the jury is considering this.

Furthermore, I’d say this would serve as further evidence that President Trump is the ultimate prize and not any conviction of Manafort.

May Huddleston

Atlantic City

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