Spare turtles, and tires

A recent Press story about this year’s increase in diamondback terrapin deaths on area roads reminded me of the 1950s. Back then, Northfield residents referred to the Margate Bridge road as Diamondback Road, because of the many turtles that crossed it.

All summer long, the road looked like an explosion at a pastry factory. Hundreds of dead diamondbacks covered the asphalt like smashed cherry pies.

The article pointed out the good work done by local organizations in curtailing the carnage.

But it failed to mention the obvious. Some people seem to like to run over turtles and enjoy squashing them. That is suggested by the dead turtles everywhere along South Jersey’s marshlands, not only in the road but off to the side.

It can be expensive for drivers. The late Bob Burns, radio announcer and owner of a tire business, told me that killing turtles also kills tires. The jagged shells rip the tread.

So run over to the beach and have a good time. But don’t run over the turtles.

Sterling Brown

Egg Harbor Township

Alcohol woes neglected

It astounds me that, while the media criticizes the health hazards of smoking and the dangers of using illicit drugs, and cigarettes are banned from television ads, there is minimal effort made towards criticizing the dangers of drinking and driving, and advertisements on television for the pleasures beer and other alcohol are rampant.

Meanwhile, the media provide intense coverage of vehicular accidents, murders and rapes in which drinking alcohol occurred.

I don’t understand why the federal government and congressional representatives have not taken a strong and active role in addressing this most serious problem. Just where are our brains?

Dr. Claudia Prapawiwat


Semipro baseball leagues get deserved coverage

Each summer, when I vacation with my family in Ocean City, I am impressed with the coverage The Press gives to the Atlantic County Baseball League. Most North Jersey newspapers stopped covering the local semipro leagues in the early 2000s. This lack of coverage contributed to the death of some leagues and left others, like the Met League, as a shell of their former selves.

It is good to see that semipro baseball still has an important place in South Jersey, and that game results and individual achievements still find a place in the newspaper.

Damon Affinito


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