Christie let us down

with sports-bet veto

Regarding the Aug. 9 story, "Christie says no sports betting":

I am very disappointed with Gov. Chris Christie. He vetoed a bill to allow sports betting in New Jersey. Doesn't he realize the casinos and race tracks need this to stay alive?

We also need casinos in North Jersey, which some lawmakers are objecting to.

I voted for Christie two times, but that will never happen again.

Doesn't he realize Atlantic City needs this to survive? It's a dying town with casinos closing.

Atlantic City had many glory years, but that's in the past.

Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York all have casinos. Delaware has sports betting.

They're all eating Atlantic City's lunch. Wake up and smell the coffee.



Amend Constitution

to kill Citizens United

Regarding the Aug. 12 letter, "Support amendment to kill Citizens United ":

I would like to thank the writer for supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision. When the Founding Fathers adopted our Constitution, they ensured the rights of we, the people, not we, the corporation. The U.S. Senate has scheduled a cloture vote for Sept. 8 on SJR19, the Democracy for All Amendment.

I urge you to thank Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez for co-sponsoring this amendment and ask them to lead the way to passage of the proposed 28th Amendment, an important step forward in getting big money out of government and restoring our democracy.

Let us stay true to our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution. Overturn Citizens United.



Legalized marijuana

can save Atlantic City

If the powers that be had the political courage to legalize marijuana usage in Atlantic City, our problems would be over. Rather than going up, our taxes would go down.

Atlantic City could be the new "South Beach" destination.


Atlantic City

Thanks for coverage

of youth baseball

I want to thank The Press for its coverage of the Little League all-star season for our local towns.

The 11-12 all-star team from Ocean City/Upper Township traveled to the state final game. What an amazing ride for the players, coaches and fans of the team.

The 9-10 all-star team from Upper Township traveled to the District 16 title and played and won the section 4 title. It also won the state title. The team traveled to Cranston, R.I., and competed against the 10 state winners from Maine to Maryland. At the conclusion of the regional tournament, Upper Township was the East regional champion.

The coverage was outstanding and much appreciated for a dedicated group of talented baseball players, their coaches and fans.



Don't promote

fear of generics

Regarding the Aug. 21 letter, "Not all generics are created equal":

I read with dismay that this doctor wants to keep up the pharmaceutical industry's stranglehold on the public by instilling fear that generic drugs may be substandard.

I've read some of the writer's advertisements in local newspapers touting Restasis eye drops and promising results. You may have heard of these drops every night on television. The company has a huge advertising campaign.

I was given a script for Restasis a few year's ago and found that it would cost me $880. This is where the outrageousness peaked for me. It's madness.

My ophthalmologist keeps a close watch on my eyes and tells me I am doing fine with the drops I am getting from Pfizer Labs in Turkey through Canada.

And the price is excellent compared with what's offered by Big Pharma in the U.S.



Routine flooding marks

beginning of the end

Regarding the Aug. 19 story, "Nuisance flooding/A.C. can't stay dry/City among worst in U.S. to experience routine flooding":

And so the end begins, not with a monumental 100-year flood, but gradually, gently, with nuisance flooding on a regular basis.

And the sea also rises.


Executive Director

Waterwatch International

Somers Point

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